Statement of Interest

Statement of Interest – Masters Degree in Fine Arts for Kylis P. Winborne

Creativity has always been a major force in my life, even during the childhood years. Requiring considerable focus, I developed confidence in my artistic ability by generating works in varied media (e.g., clay, oil, pencil, etc.), and by exhibiting these works wherever possible. These early efforts were generally successful, yet there was a clear need for formal training. I enrolled in an undergraduate program in the mid 1960s, and obtained a bachelors degree in fine arts.

My earnest ambition has been to be a profession artist, working directly in the field. Over the years I have honed my artistic skills, and have garnered some measure of respect through practice and presentation. Yet, the creative journey is not complete. I recognize the need to explore other dimensions of the field.

Essentially, I wish to pursue a graduate degree in fine arts as a means for developing greater depth of knowledge. Practical skills notwithstanding, there is always room for growth. Theoretical foundations, historical perspectives, cultural influences, and applied technology are among the various areas where graduate study will strengthen my artistic abilities. Moreover, I wish to augment my skill base with more rigorous academic training.

Reciprocity is always a consideration in relationships, thus it seems prudent to discuss some ways that I might benefit the program. Maturity comes to mind first and foremost. Having worked as a professional artist for so many years, I have a realistic notion of possible career options and field-based applications. Second, the selection of a thesis topic should not be problematic due to my experiences. I feel that a viable research topic might be readily selected within some area of high interest to me.

Next, I am very open to the guidance of faculty and can easily collaborate with other graduate students. Adaptability has been necessary throughout my professional career–a strategy that will continue throughout my graduate training. Finally, I am willing to share any of my experiences with others and could serve in an instructional capacity, if called upon. The process of making art for me is the process of growth. Growth takes many forms and pursuit of a graduate degree is the “process in action.”